To The Top is an educational summit for career-minded individuals striving to learn, engage in dialogue, and stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing technological and cultural landscape. It focuses on how women can steer their course to stay on top of their game.




 About TTT


Together with Sidewalk Labs, To The Top (TTT) is a half-day summit presented by Women’s inTOition on Wednesday, October 16th, 2019. The summit invites all career-minded individuals looking to explore hard-hitting topics impacting women across varying industries to engage in interactive discourse, and learn from distinguished speakers and attendees.

At TTT, you will be equipped with the information and tools necessary to reinforce the investment you’ve made in yourself professionally, and to ultimately reach the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

The pace of change is accelerating, and technological and cultural innovation are leading drivers. Advancements in technology and culture will continue to have a profound impact on work as we know it, and will present new challenges and opportunities as we build the framework of our careers. TTT will examine how the dynamics of our professional lives could change in the future, the effects of this changing landscape on women, and the means by which women can position themselves strategically to be better prepared and set themselves apart.

TTT is an inclusive* event that brings all people together to share stories, learn from one another, gain perspective, create connections, get inspired, and celebrate diversity of thought.

*While discussions will focus on women, this is not a women-only event. A diverse and inclusive audience is encouraged, and everyone is welcome to join!



TTT program 2019


1:00 pm

Event Registration

Arrive early to get signed up and a good seat!


1:30 pm


Founders of Women’s inTOition and co-chairs of TTT Summit, Samantha Schreiber and Carrie Gurza will welcome guests to the event, and introduce the opening keynote and proceeding roster of exciting speakers.

Samantha Schreiber, Associate, Minden Gross LLP
Carrie Gurza, Senior Associate, Real Estate, HOOPP


1:50 PM

Opening keynote

As co-author of “The present and future of women at work in Canada”, Genevieve Bonin, Partner at McKinsey & Company will discuss the findings of this report, including the unprecedented challenges and opportunities posed by automation and technological advances. Genevieve will speak to the inequalities women face in the workplace, and how women can successfully reskill and transition to capture the many opportunities the Canadian market has to offer today, and in the future.

Genevieve Bonin, Partner, McKinsey & Company


2:40 Pm

Marketing Your Transferable Skills

According to McKinsey & Company’s "The Future of Women at Work", between 40 and 160 million women may need to transition across occupations by 2030 to position themselves for shifts in labour demand. Preparation for this transition requires the identification and sharpening of skills that are transferrable between industries. Chandran Fernando, Managing Partner at Matrix 360, will discuss the power of storytelling, shaping and owning one's unique mold, and will lead a discussion with experts in their respective fields on how different tools and strategies can be employed to help individuals set themselves apart and develop their marketability.

Chandran Fernando, Managing Partner, Matrix 360

Colleen Moorehead, Chief Client Officer, Osler & Founder, The Judy Project
Marianne Bulger, CEO, Prospect
Hannah Zhang, Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company


3:40 PM

Sweets Break

Presented by Gusto 54 Catering


4:10 PM

STEM & the Gender Gap

STEM-related fields are shaping how we live today and what our future will look like tomorrow. These fields play a vital role in how we take on the biggest challenges facing our world, from climate change, overpopulation and disease, to terrorism and data security. But while we see increased demand for STEM-related jobs in Canada, there is still a comparatively small proportion of women in these fields. This discussion will bring to life Natalia Dolan's “Who Run the (STEM) World” project featured in “You can’t be what you can’t see” in the Globe and Mail. It will explore the effect of the underrepresentation of women in STEM through storytelling, and the panelists' perspectives on how they have set themselves apart in their respective fields.

Karlyn Percil, CEO & Founder, SisterTalk Leadership Academy

Asia Shahulhameed, Anti-Money Laundering, Enterprise Systems Manager, Bank of Montreal, and Founder & CEO of SheSTEM
Emma Mogus, Physics Major, McMaster University, Inventor of TiC, & Co-founder of Books with No Bounds
Inmar Givoni, Senior Engineering Manager, Uber ATG Toronto
Dr. Anahita Jami, Environmental Consultant


5:00 pM

hOW To HUSTLE A Side hustle

Technological innovation has made entrepreneurialism accessible to anyone with an Internet connection. As a result, individuals can develop businesses or careers on the side with more ease than ever before. This session will begin with a brief overview of the core elements required for developing a side hustle from the perspective of lawyer and corporate strategist, Ashlee Froese. Ashlee will then lead a discussion with women who have developed their side hustles, and explore how they manage their time and tackle everyday challenges and opportunities.

Ashlee Froese, Principal, Froese Law

Jessica Handelman, Founder, Jessica Jewellery
AnnaMaria Di Nicolantonio, Creative Director & President, Olivia Rose Irene Kim, Business Owner, LA CLOSETTE Katie Crewe, CSCS, CNP, Psychology Grad, Health Coach


6:30 pM
9:30 pm

Post-summit cocktails + BiTES

Join us for cocktails and small bites (provided by Gusto 54 Catering) to mix, mingle, and celebrate TTT Summit takeaways! Representatives from The Judy Project and The Ginsburg will also be hosting “TTT Stations” where you can learn more about these exciting initiatives.

Cambria Gallery
91 Parliament St, Toronto

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Sidewalk Labs

307 Lake Shore Blvd E, Toronto


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